Turbocharger Rebuilds

All turbochargers will eventually fail or become damaged in some manner during use. At Forced Performance, we service and repair the turbochargers that we sell. We service and repair genuine MHI, Xona Rotor, Garrett and Forced Performance Turbochargers. If you have a turbocharger that needs service, we will thoroughly examine, diagnose, and provide a repair estimate for $100. If you decide to go through with the repair, this $100 inspection fee is applied towards the repair of the turbocharger. Turbocharger repairs / inspections that are not paid in full within 90 days become the property of Forced Performance.

PLEASE NOTE!!!! We do not advise shipping your turbo via US Postal! Please use UPS or FedEx for shipping your turbochargers to us. Forced Performance is not responsible for any damage caused from shipping to our location.

A typical automotive turbo rebuild is $325.00, and involves the following steps:

  • Complete disassembly and inspection - Turbos we receive are identified, marked, and torn down to component level. Each part is inspected for wear and/or damage, and cause of failure is identified.
  • Cleaning and sandblasting - Turbine and compressor housings, bearing housing, and turbine wheel are stripped and refinished. If your housings are specially coated, we clean them with solvents to avoid damage to the coating. The bearing housing is refinished, flushed with solvent and honed before being cleaned, and the turbine shaft is polished to a mirror finish.
  • Blueprinting - Journal bearing bores are honed and sized for proper oil clearance. All parts and components are checked and verified against specifications.
  • Reassembly - Turbo is reassembled with new journal and thrust bearings, o-rings, piston rings, fasteners, thrust collars, and seal plates.
  • Balancing - All rotating components are double plane balanced as individual parts prior to assembly. After assembly the CHRA is VSR balanced as a complete CHRA to less than half the manufacturers allowable limit to verify the integrity of the CHRA and obtain the most perfect balance possible.

What turbos can we NOT rebuild?

  • Old FP Cast Ball Bearing Evo turbos of any sort. We have not had service components to rebuild these for many years now. Please do not send them in unless you would like to convert to a journal bearing CHRA or a new Xona Rotor Ball Bearing CHRA. 
  • Borg Warner EFR series turbos
  • Nissan RB20/25 turbochargers 
  • IHI VF turbochargers



If you have questions about getting your Forced Performance turbocharger diagnosed or repaired, drop us a line at Service[at]

When sending your turbocharger to Forced Performance to be rebuilt, please fill out the form below and mail it in with your turbo.

FP Rebuild Info Form